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Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) is a precious jewel of Lebanon, crafted by the purity of a centuries-old monastic order, flowing from the heart of the Holy Bible. This rich and spiritual heritage established in our society a preeminent educational institution to serve as a beacon of knowledge and wisdom, to bear witness to true faith, and to be a hope-filled vessel paving the path for the journey through life.


NDU mirrors the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the University patron saint. Mother Mary bowed before the Divine Light; was filled with grace; served with abundant generosity; learned the Divine Truth; was joyous even during times of great sorrow; and poured the hope of life everlasting into the cup of fear while joy overflowed in her presence. She carried the cross that carried her, she suffered untold pain until the Resurrection, yet her faith remained steady and the calamities of death and the floods of despair failed to shake her.


Mother Mary is the essence of this University, and in NDU’s march toward illumination in search of truth, she is its guardian, its guide, and its leader. All deeds performed on campus, therefore, are directed toward the service of Man and the Greater Glory of God.


NDU is an icon of splendor in which a diverse pool of colors complements hues of generosity, truth, and a glorious heritage. It is in this very icon that humanity meets and coexists to exalt and reflect the eternal spirit.


Our University is a message of humanity and spirituality nourished by our students’ aptitudes. NDU seeks with all its capacity to give back to students what it has received from them through acts of charity, respect, gratefulness, and gratitude.


The future of NDU is entrusted to God, the Creator, and to us, the human beings, who are wholeheartedly devoted to preserve this precious jewel that we inherited from our founding fathers.  

Fr. Boutros Bou Nassif

Vice-President for Finance

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