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Institute of Internet & Technology Addiction


INTA traces its roots back to 2008, when NDU professors Dr. Nazir Hawi, and Dr. Maya Samaha Rupert began relentlessly volunteering to raise awareness about the risks associated with the addictive and problematic usage of the internet and technology.

Research on internet and technology addiction came to a head in 2012 with a groundbreaking joint paper by Dr. Hawi and Dr. Samaha Rupert titled “Internet Addiction among Adolescents in Lebanon”. Since then, over 15 research publications co-authored by Dr. Hawi and Dr. Samaha Rupert have been published in the most prestigious international academic journals (link to the Research section of the page), which has established NDU as the leading research university in internet and technology addiction in the MENA region.

On NDU’s Founders’ Day 2018, INTA was announced under the Holistic Presidency initiative with a board created not long after. The new board drafted a letter to multiple organizations across Lebanon’s private and public sectors requesting representatives to form a national consortium, which will be announced on Founders’ Day 2019.

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