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Master of Science in Human Nutrition

Master of Science in Food Safety and Quality Management


Tuition Fees

Tuition/Credit Hour: LBP 795,000

Financial Aid

The Graduate Program at NDU offers a number of assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships based on an applicant’s academic qualifications and can cover the full or partial cost of tuition.
Fellowships are awarded on scholastic excellence and adequate preparation for graduate study, as attested by academic records and letters of recommendation.
Graduate assistantships, i.e. teaching, research, and academic, provide financial aid to outstanding students who must maintain a good academic standing. Such students can offer the University valuable services.


“When I earned my B.S. degree from NDU, I quoted a French saying that goes, “Ce n’est qu’un au-revoir,” (It’s only a goodbye). When I graduated again in 2015 from NDU with a master’s in Human Nutrition from the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences (FNHS) where I acquired practical skills and techniques that helped me improve in my profession. I also acquired new research skills from experienced professors and ended up publishing my article/thesis in the European Journal of Nutrition.
This program left me with lifelong connections and a solid career foundation.”

Lea Helou | 2016, Alumna
Dietician at Delta Radio Lebanon and IRAP

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