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Master of Science in Computer Science

Master of Science in Mathematics

Master of Science in Financial Mathematics

Master of Science in Industrial Chemistry

Master of Science in Biology

Master of Science in Astrophysics


Tuition Fees

Tuition/Credit Hour: LBP 795,000

Financial Aid

The Graduate Program at NDU offers a number of assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships based on an applicant’s academic qualifications and can cover the full or partial cost of tuition.
Fellowships are awarded on scholastic excellence and adequate preparation for graduate study, as attested by academic records and letters of recommendation.
Graduate assistantships, i.e. teaching, research, and academic, provide financial aid to outstanding students who must maintain a good academic standing. Such students can offer the University valuable services.


“The research-oriented nature of the Master in Computer Science at NDU, coupled with the provided Graduate Assistant program helped pave the way for my career and really gave me a head start compared to other graduate students. Wanting to work as a university lecturer, research was an indispensable skill I acquired that helped me later on when having to create or update course content. In addition, the opportunity to be a graduate assistant during my graduate studies also enabled me to teach at the university level. This represented an opportunity that is usually absent in other graduate programs and allowed me to surpass others both in terms of experience and growth in the field, granting me work opportunities inaccessible to others at the same level.”

Karam Keyrouz | Alumnus, 2018
Graduate Fellow at NDU


The most well-equipped observatory in the Arab world and boasts this region’s largest telescope.


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