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Create a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a document sent to an employer expressing your interest in a position while simultaneously highlighting the qualifications you possess that would be beneficial for your desired job.

What type of information should I include in the cover letter? 

In short, a cover letter should clearly state your contact information, your purpose for applying, a summary of the skills you possess that fits the demands of the position you are seeking, as well as a closing statement. 


What is the difference between a CV and a cover letter? 

A cover letter should not repeat information typically found on your CV; instead, it should emphasize the skills and experiences that are relevant to the position you are applying for. In short, it answers the following questions: 

  • Are you qualified for the job?  
  • Do you have any experiences in this line of work? 
  • Are you a good fit for the company atmosphere? 


Furthermore, the cover letter should address any relevant issues found in your CV, such as:

  • Gaps in employment: Did you stop working for a prolonged period of time? Why? 
  • Short tenures: Was your employment at your last job short-lived? Why?
  • Time worked outside of the desired industry: Were you in a position that is not related to the industry you are seeking to work in? How can you capitalize on that experience to make it relevant to the current position you are applying for? 


Resources (OER)

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