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Build Your LinkedIn Identity

Whether you are just starting out, have an established career, or wish to have a career change, keeping a LinkedIn profile gives you the opportunity to network online and keep yourself updated with the demands of the job market. 

Accordingly, here are some tips that would strengthen your profile: 

  • Do not skip the “About” section. Write a summary of your objectives, your motivation, and your skills. Make sure to mention what you are looking for when joining the site, whether it is a new position or expanding your network. Add as many relevant keywords as possible.
  • Make us of the headline to grab the attention of your viewer. 
  • Add all relevant work experiences and keep them updated. 
  • The photo posted on LinkedIn will be your potential employer’s first impression of you; as such, consider using a professional photo for your profile. 
  • Add your LinkedIn profile link to your CV. 
  • Request to connect with individuals whose work you are familiar with; you do not have to know them personally. Furthermore, consider sending a thank you note for individuals that accept your request. 
  • Assume that everything you post will be seen by potential employers; as such, make sure your posts are polite, informative, and free of grammatical errors and typos. 
  • Add all your training, recognitions, certificates, and achievements to your profile. This will give the impression that you are hardworking and keep your profile rich.
  • Insert your education history in reverse chronological order, as you would on your CV.
  • Add all your relevant skills and request endorsements from your peers. 


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How to create a good LinkedIn profile
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