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Note from the Chair

Following the tradition to meet the challenge of having the highest academic standards, the Department of Architecture is seeking international accreditation on its architectural curricula with the aim of positively affecting the built environment. This is being realized through at least three directions: the review and development of curricula, the engagement of dedicated and active academicians, and our outreach towards other institutions, the industry and society.




The departmental committees together with the faculty members review the curricula of the offered programs with the objectives of meeting challenges of the built environment, staying in current with new academic and technological developments in the profession, and providing graduates with a toolkit that enables them to practice and positively influence the contexts within which they work.


In accordance with the curricular objectives, the department seeks to diversify its team of faculty members, in order to address the panoply of subject matters related to the architectural profession. Faculty members at the department are dedicated to their students both as instructors and academic advisors, are committed to academic development through their research and exposure to innovations in their discipline, and are constantly seeking ways to improve the academic environment for both students and their colleagues.


Students and faculty members work towards engaging with peers and colleagues from other disciplines and within their disciplines at other national, regional and international academic institutions. Cross-pollination is key to achieving the goals of the department in terms of having a positive impact on the built environment. Agreements with other universities, collaborations with international organizations, and projects with local communities are part of the live and dynamic experience of students and faculty at the department. The faculty members’ experience is not limited to their class sessions, and the students’ experience does not cease once they have graduated. The department is a threshold into a prosperous real life.


Christine Mady, Chairperson

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