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01 January 2014

The Virgin Mary in Lebanon Volume XI

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The District of Baabda consists of a total of 69 villages and towns, which presently takes into account 50 sites dedicated to the Virgin Mary (monasteries, churches, and shrines)  from the 180 sites of worship distributed among 52 predominantly Christian or religiously mixed towns.


In addition to numerous churches, the District of Baabda is home to 36 large shrines dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The most important of which are the shrines strewn across Furn el-Chebbak, Tahwita, and Ain el-Remmaneh; a high-rising shrine of Our Lady of the Path in proximity to the Monastery of the Jesuit Fathers in Tarchich; a large shrine in Hadat central square; and another one dedicated to Our Lady of the Martyrs.  


This volume adheres to the general framework of this compendium, which provides readers with summarized information on modern-day Lebanon.



Jean M. Sadaka

ISBN 9953-418-10-1
Language English - Arabic
Nº of pages 380
Edition 2014

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