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01 January 2015

Mahawer fi falsafat Kamal El Hage

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The studies in this conference proceedings are highly concerned with the major frameworks of the philosophy of Kamal Y. Al-Hage. The frameworks could be summarized in the following: the philosophy of language where human expression cannot be detached from the cultural and national backgrounds; the national pact “nazlamic” philosophy where Christianity and Islam can, together, discover the meeting points of common belief and common faith leading to creativity and metaphysical politics; the philosophy of Lebanese nationalism where common grounds of the Lebanese thought can trust and associate all the Lebanese people; reaching, as a result, the Lebanese philosophy, based on the abovementioned philosophic frameworks. Dr. El-Hage planned a structured academic program and started teaching the Lebanese philosophy at the Lebanese University in the seventies.

ISBN 978-9953-558-54-7
Language Arabic
Nº of pages 172
Edition 2015

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