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01 January 2015

Kahlil Gibran in Unknown Works

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This booklet comprises a collection of Kahlil Gibran unknown artworks and literary texts. It includes specifically:
35 paintings and drawings covering oil on canvas, watercolor, pencil and chalk; 13 handwritten pages in Arabic and English; while the exhibition “Kahlil Gibran in Unknown Works” includes also 63 book covers of translated literary works of Gibran into different languages around the world; and 6 photographs. These are professional copies of the originals reproduced by a special permission from the Gibran National Committee. These collections became the property of Notre Dame University to be used for educational and research purposes. It is at the disposal of students, scholars, and university professors, to fulfill this purpose.  

ISBN 978-9953-558-52-3
Language English-Arabic
Nº of pages 100
Edition 2015

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