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01 January 2016

Fouad Hbeich Zaman el Makshouf

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This book discusses the experience of Fouad Hbeich from several images: the image of the military officer, the image of the journalist, the one of the founder of the Makchouf  Magazine that was able to become the leading literary journal in Lebanon, during the first half of the twentieth century, and paved the way for establishing Dar Al-Makchouf  (the Makchouf  Publishing House) that attracted a good number of writers, men of letters and poets, to publish distinctive literary works of the time.


Mr. Joseph Abi-Daher, author of this book, explores all these stages through his own experience in, and knowledge of, the details of that period’s affairs and difficulties. He presents in this book a significant summary of that rich period focusing on Al-Makchouf  and its founding father as an important intellectual and cultural post in the new generation of writers, in Lebanon and the Arab World, as well as in the path of  modern Lebanese thought.

ISBN 978-9953-558-55-4
Language Arabic
Nº of pages 366
Edition 2016

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