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You are welcome to visit the university at almost any time. However, we have organized specific schedules for schools in Lebanon to bring their students for a brief campus tour. An annual "Open Doors" event is systematically scheduled for a more comprehensive university experience. This event allows visitors to engage with various aspects of our academic and campus community, providing a deeper understanding of what our university has to offer. 


Who belongs at NDU?

Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) actively searches for students who can enrich the university’s already multi-cultural and multi-talented student body. Students with a wide view of the world around them, prone to discovering new ways of experiencing life, the world, and the people around them are key elements of a successful university. Students with a drive to succeed and an unprejudiced approach to new ideas tend to be more exciting applicants than others.

Furthermore, we look for students with the potential to excel in the world, to learn from each other, and to grow together. We look for character as well as grades, attempting to enroll not only the best students, but also the best people we can. An applicant who can challenge us, and who dares to go beyond what is required, to shock and surprise us in his or her achievements, is much more valuable than one who cannot.

We aim to educate generations of individuals who dare to change their nation and their world, who overcome all obstacles in their lives with an intensely creative commitment to thrive. We teach our students to work together at procuring their mark, and we expect our students to have a spirit of mutual aid within them.

In short, a risk-taking individual who is academically strong, intellectually creative, passionately involved, and culturally aware is the target of this university. In our turn, we promise to dare our students to excel, to aid them in every aspect of their lives, and to give them the tools to succeed in seizing all the opportunities that are offered them.


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