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The mission of the Bachelor of Art (B.A.) in Fashion Design is to train students in critical and creative thinking through visual communication in fashion design illustrations, studio, and patternmaking, and to expand student awareness of research, history, trends, concepts, and marketing in fashion design.

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Program Educational Objectives

The B.A. in Fashion Design offered at the Ramez G. Chagoury, Faculty of Architecture, Arts & Design (FAAD) aims at:

  1. 1.Providing the learner with the exposure to reflective approaches to design and critical and creative thinking;
  2. 2.Developing the intellectual and theoretical backgrounds through study of history, trends, concepts, and marketing in fashion design;
  3. 3.Develop the technical skills in professional fashion design, such as patternmaking, visual communication, and analysis; and

Program Learning Outcomes

Fashion Design graduates will:

  1. 1.Develop visual communication skills, such as professional illustrations and technical drawings;
  2. 2.Practice critical and creative thinking in fashion design;
  3. 3.Relate history and cultural knowledge to fashion design, and communicate the ways fashion reflects cultural, political, and humanistic issues;
  4. 4.Relate silhouettes, color, fabric, details, and styling to the design concept; and
  5. 5.Propose appropriate marketing plans guided by research, market trends, and marketing concepts.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the University admission requirements, prospective candidates must complete all remedial courses, Math and/or English, if any, during their first year at NDU. Students who fail to meet the above requirements will not be allowed to proceed to the degree courses in Architecture and other majors of the Ramez G. Chagoury, Faculty of Architecture, Arts & Design.

Graduation Requirements

To receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, a student must complete a total of 102 credits with an overall GPA of at least 2.0/4.0 and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3/4.0 in all Core and Major Courses. All major courses with a grade of less than “C-”  must be repeated. The 102 credits necessary for graduation are divided as follows:


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