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Office of Grants

Established in 2018, the Office of Grants operates under the leadership of a director who reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The primary objective of the Office of Grants is to facilitate the acquisition of external research funding.

The Office of Grants:
1. Identifies and informs NDU personnel about extramural sources of research funding and related research activities.
2. Provides assistance to NDU personnel in the preparation of research proposals through one-on-one guidance and by conducting group workshops every semester. A "Grant Writing Workshop" presentation is available for general guidance.
3. Supports the acquisition of institutional and program-specific funds from both public and private sources.

Funding Sources

1. The "Funding Sources" section lists various funding sources and will be regularly updated.
2. Mendeley is a platform that features a search function for funding agencies based on keyword searches. For instructions on accessing this system and conducting searches, please refer to the "Mendeley Funding Search Procedure."


Rania Najem, Senior Officer  


Office: SAO -3.80

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