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LERC relies to a large extent on external support to fund its activities, and is extremely grateful for donations of all kinds.

We invite corporate and private sponsorship of our work, including financing of particular projects.  Sponsorship will be fully accredited on our website and in any other relevant documents, papers or reports produced by LERC.
As a guide, we suggest certain levels of donation:

  • Friend  ($1 - $99)
  • Supporter  ($100 - $999)
  • Co-Sponsor  ($1,000 - $4,999)
  • Main Sponsor  ($5,000 - $14,999)
  • Partner  ($15,000 - $39,999)
  • Patron  ($40,000 upwards)

Some of our donors prefer other forms of giving, for instance buying books for LERC’s library.

If you are interested in supporting LERC in any of these ways, please contact Liliane Haddad, who will put you in touch with Dr. Dany Samaha Dean of the Faculty of Law & Political Science.

Contributions to LERC's collections

The collection of materials related to Lebanese emigration is central to LERC’s mission, providing a central historical record and resource for academic and genealogical researchers.  We are constantly looking to develop and expand these resources, and actively seek documents and artefacts which preserve that history.

If you have any items that you would be willing to share, these can be given into the care of LERC’s archivists for safekeeping and preservation, or alternatively photographed for our electronic archive and returned to the owner.  However trivial the items may seem in a personal collection, when correlated with a wider cross-section of similar materials they can offer valuable evidence of the migrant experience.

If you are a researcher who has written a relevant thesis, we would encourage you to send it in for inclusion in our unique library of published and unpublished theses.

See our information on LERC’s archival resources and museum for more details, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.