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The Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC) was established in April 2003 by Guita Hourani, Dr. Eugene Sensenig, and Dr. Paul Tabar. It was the first center in Lebanon dedicated specifically to the study of migration.

Director: Prof. Dr. Eugene Richard Sensenig

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Lebanese Research Center for Migration and Diaspora Studies (LERC)
Notre Dame University (NDU)
P.O.Box 72, Zouk Mosbeh
Kesrwan, Lebanon
LERC DIRECT NUMBER: +961-9-208927
Tel. +961-9-218955 ext: 2262
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Liliane Haddad
Senior Indexer and Archivist
Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC)
Notre Dame University (NDU)
P.O. Box 72, Zouk Mikayel
Kesrwan, Lebanon
Tel. +961-9-218955 ext: 2462
Fax: +961-9-208927