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Facilities include a resource center housing books, journals and Internet access, with office space for the director, researchers, staff, postgraduate students and interns.  See details of our Archive & Library and Museum.

While the main part of LERC’s physical location is expected to be at NDU, its global role has been stressed from the outset. This will continue to be achieved by (a) the continued development of joint collaborative activities with other institutions and interested bodies; and (b) the use of Internet technology to bring the data and resources of the Center to a worldwide audience.

Researchers who wish to be associated with the Center and visit Lebanon to conduct research related to Lebanese emigration are invited to contact us.

Researchers are offered use of the following facilities during their association with NDU or upon their visit to Lebanon:

  • Access to archives related to Lebanese heritage and emigration.
  • A platform for lecturing and for participating in conferences, panels and discussion groups.
  • Access to NDU library services and LERC facilities.
  • Support for representing LERC in special assignments, conferences, etc.

For further details on how to apply for affiliation or to conduct research at the Center (please click here).

LERC is located on the main campus of Notre Dame University (NDU), Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, which was founded in 1987.

Zouk Mosbeh, in the Kesrawan district of Lebanon, is situated about 300 meters above sea level, overlooking the Mediterranean coast of Lebanon.  The University is strategically located near several important archival centers.  It is, for instance, 18km from the National Museum in Beirut and Saint Joseph University (USJ); 20km from the American University of Beirut (AUB); and 8km from the Maronite Patriarchal Archive in Bkerké.