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At the heart of LERC’s long-term commitment is the on-going development of a comprehensive archive and library, envisioned as the world’s central repository for research material and memorabilia related to Lebanese emigration. 

See the relevant pages for details of the resources that are searchable in our online catalogues.

LERC is actively collecting any artefacts or artwork that Lebanese migrants or residents of any generation may have kept. Items that can be sent to the Center for safekeeping and display may range from a movie poster to theatrical production announcements, from paintings to poetry, from a grand reception menu to recipes of Lebanese home cooking. All of these help reconstruct and understand the emigrant experience, which has contributed to the development of both sending and receiving countries. Documents can be scanned into the LEAD system and returned to the owner.

We value donations of books for LERC’s specialist library, and encourage students to send us their MA or PhD theses.