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In order to pursue a broad range of tasks and projects, the Center assembles and cooperates with teams of locally based academics on a project-by-project basis; works with visiting students from a variety of universities; builds partnerships with statutory organizations; and works with international partners in Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Africa and elsewhere.

The Center is inter-disciplinary in nature and aims to approach the subject of emigration from a range of perspectives.  For its ongoing research it therefore draws on expertise from a number of NDU departments.  At LERC’s nucleus is a small team devoted to organising and promoting its work.

Advisory Board

LERC’s Advisory Board consists of professionals in various fields from reputable academic and research institutions around the world. The following distinguished professionals are currently serving on the Board:

  • Engin Akarli, PhD, Professor, History Department, Brown University, USA
  • Trevor Batrouney, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Emigration, RMIT, Australia
  • John Entelis, PhD, Professor and Director of the Middle East Studies Program, Fordham University, New York, USA
  • Michael Humphrey, PhD Head, School of Sociology, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Akram Khater, PhD, Professor, History, North Carolina State University, N.C., USA
  • Nadim Shehadi, Former Director, Centre for Lebanese Studies, Oxford University, UK
  • Michael Malek Najjar, PhD

Affiliation with LERC

LERC host researchers and facilitate their research while in Lebanon. LERC has accommodated researchers, from Lebanon, the USA, Scotland, Brazil, France, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, England, Germany, and Australia. For more information on how to become an affiliate member or how conduct benefit from the Center’s services while conducting research in Lebanon…Read more