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  Student Activities Office
Christmas Fiesta 2014.
  NDU-Shouf Campus
Annual Christmas Concert
Voice Of Heaven Choir
December 21, 2014.
  Faculty of Architecture, Art & Design
Christmas Concert - December 17, 2014.
  Center for Applied Research in Education
Brown Bag Series: Hot Topics and Grants - December 19, 2014.

Full Schedule of the Brown Bag Series – Academic Year 2014-2015.
  Office of Public Affairs & Communications
Documentary Film Screening, Jamil Zgheib - December 18, 2014.
  Division of Continuing Education
Session III: Registation Dates & Course Offering.


  Office of International Relations
• News and Events.
• University Agreements and International Memberships.

Student Affairs Office
• NSSF Clearance for New Students.
• Fall 2014: Sports Schedule.
• Student Union Website.
• Student Housing Website.

Community Service Office
• Call for Volunteers.
• Hands and Hearts Plan.
• Environmental Action.

Faculty of Law and Political Science
• Announcement for Masters Applications.

Faculty of Business Administration & Economics
AACSB membership.
New Program: Master of Science in Financial Risk Management
• New MBA Emphasis in Project Management.

  Faculty of Architecture, Art & Design
• Degree of Masters of Architecture in Environmental & Urban Planning.

Faculty of Engineering
• Accreditation News.

Faculty of Nursing & Health Sciences
• Graduate Assistantships now available for applicants to the Graduate Program in Nutrition.

• Scholarships for new applicants in Nursing.
• Academic Positions.

Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences
• Master Program in Actuarial Sciences.
• Mathematics Monthly Seminars Schedule.

Faculty of Humanities
• Teaching Diploma.
• Learn More About Getting a Minor in the Faculty of Humanities.

Placement Office
Employment for Students and Alumni.