New & Events  
  Office of the President
President’s Address at the Inauguration of the Benedict XVI Endowed Chair of Religious, Cultural, and Philosophical Studies.
  Shouf Campus
Lecture on Waste Management
October 13, 2015.

  Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences
Mathematics Monthly Seminars Schedule.
Student Affairs Office
SAO Human Library
October 16, 2015.
  Office of Public Affairs & Communications
Panel Discussion on Decentralization and Federalism - October 14, 2015.
  Registrar's Office
Online Graduation Application for Fall 2015 & Spring 2016.
  Placement Office
Employment for Students and Alumni.



Office of International Relations
• News and Events.
• University Agreements and International Memberships.

Placement Office
• Employment for Students and Alumni.

Student Affairs Office
• Financial Aid.
• Student Union Website.
• Student Housing Website.

Community Service Office
• Call for Volunteers.
• Hands and Hearts Plan.
• Environmental Action

NDU Libraries
• Self-renewal of Library Materials.


  Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences
• New Master Program in Industrial Chemistry.
• Mathematics Monthly Seminars Schedule.

Faculty of Engineering
• Accreditation News.
• New MS Programs.
• ACTEA 16.

Faculty of Architecture, Art & Design
• Degree of Masters of Architecture in Environmental & Urban Planning.

Faculty of Nursing & Health Sciences
• Graduate Assistantships now available for applicants to the Graduate Program in Nutrition.

• Scholarships for new applicants in Nursing.

Faculty of Humanities
• Teaching Diploma.
• Learn More About Getting a Minor in the Faculty of Humanities.

Faculty of Law and Political Science
• Academic Positions.
• Announcement for Masters Applications.

Faculty of Business Administration & Economics
• AACSB membership.
• New Program: Master of Science in Financial Risk Management.
• New MBA Emphasis in Project Management.