Notre Dame University



LERC was founded with these purposes:

  • To promote the study of historical and contemporary migration to, from and through Lebanon, within a comparative international scholarly framework.
  • To promote original research and intellectual exchange among scholars and students with interests in international migration and national development.
  • To serve as a forum for meetings and discussions between actual migrants and returnees, and local officials, businessmen and members of the general public.

LERC's aim is to become the main research center on, and the chief repository archive for, Lebanese emigration worldwide.

In pursuit of its objectives, LERC intends to:

  • Conduct, in cooperation with other centers and scholars, research on Lebanese migrants and their descendants in all parts of the world.
  • Create a database system to collect and analyze information on the subject of migration from all possible sources.
  • Build up a library on Lebanese emigration, including books, magazines, CDs and other paper and electronic publications.
  • Organize conferences on different aspects of Lebanese emigration.
  • Publish a periodical covering the various activities and events organized by LERC.
  • Develop an Oral History Program and tape individual memoirs of emigration experiences.
  • Recommend and eventually support an MA program in Emigration Studies with an emphasis on Lebanese emigration.
  • Recommend and support artistic productions, such as paintings, sculptures, music, films, documentaries and poetry and prose, on the subject of Lebanese emigration.
  • Create a network to disseminate and receive information and data concerning Lebanese communities in Lebanon and abroad.