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The Lebanon Migration Nucleus Museum provides a window into the historical and contemporary experience of emigrants to very different parts of the globe.  Photographs, artwork, documents, and a variety of cultural items lend colour and personal detail to the stories of communities and families in the diaspora.  Rare items are displayed from the LERC Archives, the Lebanese National Archives, and private collections. 

The museum, with glass walls granting a spectacular panoramic view of Mount Lebanon, is a place that protects, preserves and presents a growing collection dedicated to the Lebanese emigrant.

Some exhibits already exist for those interested in Lebanese migration, notably the Ellis Island Immigration Museum (New York, USA); the Faris & Yamna Naff Arab American Collection at the National Museum of American History (Washington, D.C., USA); the Near Eastern American Collection at the Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota (Minnesota, USA); and Pier 21, Canada’s Immigration Museum (Halifax, Canada).  The Lebanon Migration Nucleus Museum here at NDU, inaugurated on December 14, 2005, is the first to be dedicated to the unique cultural heritage of the Lebanese diaspora.

The Museum is growing, and we invite contributions of all kinds.  As well as being displayed for public
viewing, these become part of LERC’s amassed resources for academic and genealogical researchers.

The Lebanon Migration Nucleus Museum at NDU (Notre Dame University) is member of the International Network of Migration Institutions (INMI) of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization (UNESCO).