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Public Engagement

Community Service Office

The Community Service Office (CSO) at Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) aims at providing students with opportunities to be civically engaged by working with Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) and bringing together students with diverse talents and educational backgrounds to plan, adopt, and complete projects while maintaining sustainability in the relationship between the CSO and NGOs.
The CSO aims to help the students in optimizing their potentials and instilling in them a spirit of responsibility and moral awareness. Through this, the students will be able to transmit their shared experience to their communities, families, and country.
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NDU promotes diversity, respect for human dignity and rights, and concern for the common good.

Research Centers

Research and Graduate Studies are managed by the Assistant Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies (AVPRGS), who is responsible for promoting and coordinating research by faculty members as well as by graduate and undergraduate students. Furthermore, the AVPRGS is tasked with overseeing the graduate programs at NDU, ensuring that they are up to the required standards. In addition to chairing the University Research Committee (URC), the AVPRGS supervises the activities of the various research centers.

NDU International Film Festival

The festival hosted in the past years, international figures in cinema from Europe, USA, Russia, Africa, Asia the Arab world and the Middle East; in addition to guests from international film festivals; add to that a large gathering of Lebanese directors, producers, filmmakers, cinematographers, actors and actresses.


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University Choir

The Notre Dame University Choir Louaizé was first formed in October of 93 under the direction of Reverend Fr. Khalil Rahme, a Mariamite monk, and with the encouragement and support of the Maronite Mariamite Order.



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The Stone Wing Museum, inaugurated on March 9, 2005, includes three collections: The prehistoric stone tools collection (discovered in Kaoukaba by Laure and Frank Skeels in 1964), the minerals, rocks, precious and semi-precious stones collection, and the fossilized fish and plants collection.

Benedict XVI Chair

Benedict XVI Chair Benedict XVI Chair Find out more Benedict XVI Chair The Benedict XVI Endowed Chair of Religious, Cultural, and Philosophical Studies is housed at the Faculty of Humanities at Notre Dame University-Louaize and aims to safeguard and deepen NDU’s stated identity, mission, and vision by organizing local and international seminars, conferences, lecture series, symposia, workshops, media roundtables, for students and faculty, and through book and proceedings publication

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