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Selection Process

The NDU Admissions selection process is very extensively thought out, and considers several criteria for acceptance. There are three states of selection: acceptance, conditional acceptance, and rejection. An applicant is accepted if he or she fulfills all the requirements, is conditionally accepted once he or she does (if it seems likely that he or she will), and is rejected when there is little or no hope that he or she will meet the necessities.

The selection depends on the following rigorous assessment model (in no particular order):
  • TOEFL, or Writing section of SAT I, or EET (NDU English Entrance Test) (see sample test), or IELTS.
  • SAT I Reasoning scores, or NDU Entrance Test (Aptitude Test) (see sample test).
  • Secondary School GPA.
  • The application and the application essay.

A “composite score” is calculated based on an appraisal of the accepted students and remedials are accordingly allocated. School grades (second and third secondary years) are weighted 55% and SAT I (or NDU Entrance Exam) is weighted 45% in evaluating an application. Applicants must accumulate a certain score required by their selected Faculty in order to be admitted in their offered majors.

The application and its essay reflect clearly on the applicant. Therefore, the application is very thoroughly analyzed, and the essay is intensely read through and evaluated.

Required documents that must be submitted with each undergraduate application form:

  • A Secondary School Record for the last three academic years:
    • G10 / Seconde / S1
    • G11 / Premiere / S2
    • G12 / Terminale / S3
  • A Letter of Recommendation from Principal
  • A photocopy of the Identity Card or Passport
  • Two recent passport-size photos
  • A certified copy of Bacc. II Card or its equivalence
  • Scores of exams taken outside NDU (TOEFL, SAT I and IELTS)


Freshman applicants must additionally submit:

  • An official school document attesting that they have completed and passed their High School requirements or High School Diploma
  • A certified copy of the written authorization from the Equivalence Committee
  • Scores of SAT I (mandatory), and SAT II (if available).

Documents must be original. All documents submitted to complete a file become the property of NDU. Whether accepted or rejected, applicants may not claim any of the documents.
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