• Center for Obesity Prevention, Treatment, Education, and Research

More than two-thirds
of Lebanese individuals
are affected by excess weight.

The mission of the Center for Obesity Prevention, Treatment, Education, and Research (COPTER) is to enhance the comprehension, prevention, and treatment of obesity through multidisciplinary clinical initiatives, extensive research, educational programs, and community involvement. Our center is dedicated to fostering initiatives that promote, support, and carry out innovative research and development in crucial areas related to obesity, emphasizing the enhancement of individual and public health outcomes.

Who We Can Assist

COPTER offers affordable obesity treatment solutions. Whether you need weight management support, have obesity-related health conditions, seek caregiver guidance, or are a healthcare professional or...
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Assessments and Treatments

The COPTER clinical protocol provides a holistic approach to patient management, covering assessment, personalized treatment plans, nutritional counseling, physical activity recommendations,...
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The Experts

How We Combat Obesity

COPTER offers a holistic approach to combating obesity through treatment, prevention, research, education, public awareness, policy advocacy, collaboration, and continuous evaluation for improved...
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Weight-related concerns are often neglected during medical consultations due to various limitations. Therefore, the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences (FNHS) presents an opportunity to establish...
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