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LERC host researchers and facilitate their research while in Lebanon. LERC has accommodated researchers, from Lebanon, the USA, Scotland, Brazil, France, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, England, Germany, and Australia. For more information on how to become an affiliate member or how conduct benefit from the Center’s services while conducting research in Lebanon…Read more

Research Associates

» Mr. Andrew Karim Arsan, PhD, Research Associate, Princeton University, USA

» Ms. Rosemary Suliman, PhD, Research Associate, University of Western Sydney, Australia

» Mr. Rudyard Kazan, PhD, Research Associate, Université St. Joseph, Lebanon

» Ms. Rita Stephan, PhD, Research Associate, US Federal Census Bureau, USA

» Mr. Peter Adebayo, PhD, Research Associate, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

» Mr. Youssef Taouk, PhD, Research Associate, Australian Catholic University, Australia

» Ms. Nelia Hyndman-Rizk, PhD, Research Associate, University of New South Wales, Australia

» Mr. Wolf Hagen von Angern, PhD, Research Associate, Cologne University, Germany

» Ms. Minerva Nasser-Eddine, PhD, Research Associate, University of Adelaide, Australia

» Mr. Norman Nikro, PhD, Research Associate, Germany

» Ms. Salwa Karam, PhD, Research Associate, Lebanon

» Mr. Roberto Khatlab, Research Associate, Lebanon

» Ms. Patricia Nabti, PhD, Research Associate, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Research Affiliates

» Ms. Stacy Fahrenthold, PhD Candidate, Research Affiliate, Northeastern University, USA

» Mr. Alexander Henley, PhD Candidate, Research Affiliate, University of Manchester, UK

» Ms. Suzanne Menhem, PhD Candidate, Research Affiliate, Université de Poitiers, France

» Ms. Eliane Fersan, DEA, Research Affiliate, Lebanon

» Ms. Victoria B. Huerta, MA Candidate, Research Affiliate, Mexico

Past Associates, Researchers and Research Assistants

» Gianluca Parolin
» Melkar el Khoury

» Mr. Sam Van Vliet, Research Affiliate, Netherlands
» Ms. Marie Jose Tayah, PhD Candidate, Research Affiliate, Kent University, USA
» Michele Fenianos, BA, Notre Dame University, Lebanon

» Marwan Abdallah, BA, Lebanese American University, Lebanon
» Dunia Fayad Taan, PhD, Nice University, France

» Justin Fouad Ishac, BA, Lebanese University
» Nadine Abdel Khalek, MBA, Lebanese International University, Lebanon
» Rima Jreich, MA, UMB University, Norway
» Basma Abdel Khalek, BA, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon
» Rudy Sassine , BA, Lebanese University, Lebanon
» Rima Sabban, PhD, American University-Washington D. C., USA
» Thaddeus D. Hicks, PhD Student , Asbury Theological Seminary, USA

» Marie-Jose Tayah, PhD Student, Kent State University, USA
» Fouad Gehad Marei, PhD Candidate, Durham University, USA
» Nadejda (Nadia) Marinova, PhD Candidate, University of Southern California, USA
» Andreas Wischnat, MA Candidatem Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany
» Dina Almissber-von Angern , MA, Damascus University, Syria

» Joe Malkoun, MA, Notre Dame University, Lebanon
» Nanor Karageozian, MA, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
» Sarah el Hassrouny , MA, Lebanese University, Lebanon
» Professor Edward J. Alam, PhD , University of Utah, USA
» Leonardo Augusto Schiocchet, PhD Candidate, Boston University, USA
» Kristin Shamas, MA, PhD Candidate, University of Oklahoma, USA
» Dennis Kumetat, PhD, University of Cologne and Bonn, Germany
» Alexander Henley, MA, University of Durham, USA

» Yara Romariz Maasri, MSc, University of Oxford, USA
»Steven Hyland, MA, Ohio State University, USA
» Simon Pfaf, Universitat Mannheim, Germany
» Fiona McCalum, PhD, St Andrews University, Scotland
» Andrea Stanton, PhD, Columbia University, USA
» Camila Pastor De Campos, PhD,  University of California, USA
» Sofia Martos, PhD, University of California, USA
» Layla Hotait, National University of Distance Education, Spain
» Suzanne Mansour, MA, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
» Akimitsu Ikeda, MA, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
» Sarah Gualtieri, PhD, Loyal University, USA
» Jalusa Abaid, PhD, Universidade Federal of Santa Maria, Brazil