Alumni Spotlight

We present to you Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) Alumni Spotlight e-newsletter #3, featuring technical articles, career moves of fellow alumni, and much needed job vacancies

Each issue of Alumni Spotlight will feature a well-established alumnus or alumna, sharing their professional insights and advice. These articles will cover topics on general management, a specific industry, an overview of anew skills. The Office of Development & Alumni Affairs (ODAA) welcomes your suggestions on topics of interest, as well as possible referrals of fellow alumni who you believe will bring a solid learning to others through Spotlight. Contact us for ideas



NDU Alumni can now search for new vacancies available to them at this link. To apply, please e-mail; indicating the position reference code and attach a recent resume. The Career & Placement team will contact you accordingly.


In times of challenging job markets, opportunities are still present. We are joining forces with the Department of Career & Placement, to highlight job vacancies in Lebanon or abroad. Visit the Careers site, and email your resume to indicating the position reference. We are thankful to all alumni who always consider hiring fellow NDUers, for in-person or remote work vacancies. Keep sending these opportunities to NDU and let us join forces to navigate these turbulent times.  


Alumni Hiring Alumni

Together we can strengthen the professional network of NDU Alumni who can support the employment of fellow alumni or provide internships to students. 
Together we can build ties with the job market and give NDUers a higher chance of finding jobs and move forward in their professional life. 
Together, we can make a difference.

Please share any job vacancies on