As graduates of Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU), we share a deep and lasting bond with our Alma Mater. This page serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment and loyalty to the institution that has nurtured us and propelled us towards success. Here, we come together to reaffirm our dedication and declare our allegiance through the Alumni Pledge.


Alumni Pledge of Loyalty to our Alma Mater

I solemnly pledge before God, before my Alma Mater, and before my peers, that today I am the proud graduate of a mother who nurtured me for years:
Notre Dame University-Louaize.

A mother who helps us grow in knowledge and wisdom, a mother who instills in us the value of faith in the heavenly kingdom, a mother who fosters integrity, intellectual freedom, dialogue, accountability, and diversity, a mother I will endlessly hold dear, my University.

Today, I am fully prepared to meet tomorrow's challenges, no matter the ravages.

I also vow, here and now, to always care, support, and visit her, always driven, to stand by all her children, to uphold her values and pass them down through generations, like solemn vocations.

I swear that wherever life may take me, over land and sea, I will forever declare, with pride and flair, that I am her ambassador: an alumni of NDU.