The Department of Alumni Affairs aims to:

  • Serve the needs of Alumni, enduring and permanent constituencies of NDU;
  • Foster a life-long relationship between the University and its Alumni;
  • Build an information management system that updates and utilizes ”NDU Alumni”;
  • Coordinate with the NDU Alumni Association;
  • Organize professional, cultural, networking and social activities for NDU Alumni;
  • Communicate Alumni views, needs and interests to the University;
  • Expand Alumni participation in promoting the strength of NDU to the world at large through supporting the University’s mission.


The Department of Alumni Affairs serves as a focal proactive point for all Alumni activities and communications. It assists in planning or sponsoring alumni activities and programs.

Core Values

Partnership, service, Innovation, excellence.


Building Bonds: Get Connected/ Stay Tuned


Alumni Employment Status

Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) follows up with all its graduates regarding their employment status which is recorded in the document below:

Alumni Employment Status – 2015-2016


The census date of the figures presented is April 27, 2017.


NDU Alumni Association

It is an association established in 1992, by a group of graduates who wanted to remain connected to and involved with their alma mater. Its aim is reuniting all NDU graduates under a common goal: Commitment, Unity and Prosperity to both Notre Dame University and the welfare of its graduates.

Through its cooperation with the Department of Alumni Affairs, the association seeks to provide alumni with a lasting bond to the university.