Dear Fellow Alumni:

On January 2018, I assumed the privilege of heading the Department of Alumni Affairs at NDU.  While I have enjoyed a long and fruitful career at NDU in different departments, I strongly feel that working closely with you will give me immense pleasure, as we both have so much in common.  Not only are we the proud graduates of our beloved University but also we are even prouder alumni who want to stay connected to our dear alma mater.

As a thriving department, our main goal is to remain focused on alumni engagement.  Our aim is to continue increasing the scope and breadth of relevant alumni events and activities in a concerted effort to appeal to a larger number of alumni.  These stimulating activities will serve to tighten the bond and increase the connections among ALL alumni as well as between NDU and alumni.  

This year will prove even more exciting, as we are devising new strategies to create more alumni networking opportunities, including homecomings and reunions! Further, we will also be creating innovative ways for you to volunteer.  

Glance at the some of the following possibilities we have in store for you: Are you a motivational speaker?  Do you have your own company?  Does your company have job and internship opportunities?  Are you interested in joining the Alumni Board?  Would you like to be part of your Faculty Alumni Group?  

There are countless ways for you to get more involved and support your alma mater.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can in person, and I truly want to hear from you. Please pass by our offices, call us, e-mail us, constantly check our Alumni Microsite and keep in touch through the Iconnect. Remember to send us your suggestions on how we can make this department, which in essence is YOUR department, stronger and better engaged in an effort directed at effectively and efficiently serving your needs.

Always remember, life at NDU does not end on the day you graduate or on the day you start pursuing your career; rather, your lifelong participation in all NDU-related events is a main pillar that ensures the growth and development of our great institution.

Karla Sfeir

Assistant Director, Alumni Affairs



The Department of Alumni Affairs aims to:

  • Serve the needs of Alumni, enduring and permanent constituencies of NDU;
  • Foster a life-long relationship between the University and its Alumni;
  • Build an information management system that updates and utilizes ”NDU Alumni”;
  • Coordinate with the NDU Alumni Association;
  • Organize professional, cultural, networking and social activities for NDU Alumni;
  • Communicate Alumni views, needs and interests to the University;
  • Expand Alumni participation in promoting the strength of NDU to the world at large through supporting the University’s mission.


The Department of Alumni Affairs serves as a focal proactive point for all Alumni activities and communications. It assists in planning or sponsoring alumni activities and programs.

Core Values

Partnership, service, Innovation, excellence.


Building Bonds: Get Connected/ Stay Tuned


Alumni Employment Status

Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU) follows up with all its graduates regarding their employment status which is recorded in the document below:

Alumni Employment Status – 2015-2016


The census date of the figures presented is April 27, 2017.


NDU Alumni Association

It is an association established in 1992, by a group of graduates who wanted to remain connected to and involved with their alma mater. Its aim is reuniting all NDU graduates under a common goal: Commitment, Unity and Prosperity to both Notre Dame University and the welfare of its graduates.

Through its cooperation with the Department of Alumni Affairs, the association seeks to provide alumni with a lasting bond to the university.