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LERC holds summer BBQ for members and friends

Wednesday 19th August 2009, Ajaltoun
Reported by Elie Nabhan

Dr. Doumit Salameh, friend of LERC and NDU Professor, threw open his doors and prepared the grills for an enchanting August evening BBQ in his garden at Ajaltoun.

The evening brought together Ms. Guita Hourani, LERC Director, Dr. Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous LERC Researcher and NDU Professor and his wife Mrs. Dima Dabbous-Sensenig, Mr. Wolf-Hagen von Angern, a visiting researcher at LERC in 2008, his wife Dina Almissber von Angern, also a past visiting researcher at LERC, who both helped out with the food, Ms. Suzanne Menhem, a visiting researcher at LERC, Mr. Melkar El Khoury LERC Research Affiliate and his friend Aya Khoury, LERC Consultant Amin Nehme, LERC Indexer, Rapporteur and Website Editor, Mr. Elie Nabhan,  LERC’s Senior Research Assistants Mr. Joe Malkoun, Mr. Rudy Sassine and Mr. Ali Hijazi, LERC’s current Interns Ms. Joelle Zlaket, Mr. Ali Ajrouch, and Mr. Damian Naylor.

In a brief speech, Ms. Hourani thanked all those present for attending, explaining that the event was to mark a welcome for the von Angerns on their trip back to Lebanon, a place where they feel so much at home, to bid farewell to interns Naylor and Ajrouch, who are preparing to return back to the United States after a job well done at LERC, and last but not least to welcome to LERC and introduce to all, Melkar El Khoury, a lawyer and human rights activist, who will work on the acquisition and loss of citizenship laws in Lebanon.

An evening of merriment and humorous anecdotes was enjoyed by all late into the night.

(From left to right) Mr. Joe Malkoun and Dr. Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous (Aug 2009).

(From left to right) Ms. Joelle Zlaket, Mr. Ali Hijazi, Mr. Damian Naylor and Mr. Ali Ajrouch (Aug 2009).

(From left to right) Mrs. Dina Almissber von Angern, Ms. Suzanne Menhem and Mr. Elie Nabhan (Aug 2009).

(From left to right) Dr. Doumit Salameh, Mr. Amin Nehme and Ms. Aya Khoury (Aug 2009).

(From left to right) Mr. Melkar El Khoury, Ms. Aya Khoury, Mr. Rudy Sassine and Mr. Joe Malkoun (Aug 2009).

From left to right) Mr. Wolf-Hagern von Angern and his wife Mrs. Dina Almissber von Angern, Ms. Guita Hourani and Dr. Doumit Salameh (Aug 2009).