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Korea’s First Secretary visits LERC

Wednesday 29th July 2009, LERC, NDU
Reported by Elie Nabhan

Mr. Juseon Park, First Secretary at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) in Lebanon, paid a call to the Lebanese Emigration Research Center accompanied by the Embassy’s Political Advisor, NDU graduate Mr. Elie Ferneiny.

Mr. Park and Mr. Ferneiny were welcomed to the Center by LERC’s Director Ms. Guita Hourani and members of the LERC staff. During her meeting with them, Ms. Hourani explained LERC’s objectives and the scope of work and responded to Mr. Park’s questions concerning the Lebanese expatriates involved in business and politics in the Middle East and Africa.  

Ms. Hourani made clear to Mr. Park that LERC’s mandate did not prioritize the concentration on collecting information about this particular area; however, she presented him with profiles of some Lebanese entrepreneurs in the Middle East and Africa, and further informed him that LERC can act as a consultant to devise and implement a research project that would satisfy the Embassy’s need.

Mr. Park was therefore introduced to the Lebanese Emigration Archives and Database by Mr. Elie Nabhan and given an overview of the type of material collected by LERC.


Meeting the Secretary (from left to right): Mr. E. Nabhan, Mr. E. Ferneiny, Ms. G. Hourani, Mr. J. Park and Ms. B. Abdel Khalek (July 2009)