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LERC Director Acknowledged for Her Work on the Maronites of Cyprus

Saturday, 27th September 2008, Le Royal Hotel, Dbayeh

Under the auspices of H. E. Antonis Haji Roussos, Maronite Representative elected to the Cyprus Parliament, as well as the patronage of Honorable Dr. Kiriakos Kouros, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Lebanon, an award ceremony was held at the invitation of the Mr. John Moussas of Moussas Publications and publisher of the MaronitOrama at Le Royal Hotel in Dbayeh.

Dr. Torbey, Honorable Dr. Kouros and Mr. Moussas (Sept. 2008).

The event started with a word from Mr. Moussas who commented on the importance of the Cypriot-Lebanese relations in general and Maronite Cypriots’ relations with Lebanon. He also singled out the people of Kormakitis and the veterans of the football team of the Cypriot town of Kormakitis for their dedication and spirit. Honorable Kouros spoke about the historical relationship that has been developing between the two countries and expressed the readiness of Cyprus and its people to always be available for the Lebanese as they were during the July War of 2006. His Honor mentioned the hope of the people of Cyprus for the finding of a solution for the conflict in the northern part of their country in the forthcoming negotiations. Then Dr. Kouros was requested to present an award acknowledging the Maronite League for their work for the Maronites in the person of President Dr. Joseph Torbey.

H. E. Hajji Roussos presenting the award to Ms. Hourani while Dr. Torbey cheerfully applauds (Sept. 2008).

H. E. Hajji Roussos was then asked to address the audience and to present an award to Ms. Guita Hourani, Director of the Lebanese Emigration Research Center, for her personal dedication and work for the Maronites of Cyprus. This came at a great surprise to Ms. Hourani.

Ms. Hourani, H. E. HajiRoussos, Dr. Torbey, Mr. Moussas, and Honorable Dr. Kouros (Sept. 2008).

Ms. Hourani’s award took the form of a triple-necked incised vase which was a certified copy of an early Bronze age vessel (2000-1850 BC) in the museum of Nicosia.

H. E. Hajji Roussos, Mrs. Sleiman-Saab and Fr. Saab (Sept.2008).

The award ceremony was attended by the veterans of the football team and members of the community of the town of Kormakitis, Dr. Torbey’s wife Mrs. Gladis Mattar, Director of the National News Agency, Mrs. Laure Sleiman-Saab and her husband Reverend Fr. Pierre Saab, Executive Director of the Maronite League Mr. Antonio Andary, and Le Royal Hotel General Controller Mr. Fady Bou Dagher among other guests and friends.