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LERC attends the inauguration of Curaçao Square in Verdun

12 August 2008
Reported by Basma Abdul Khalek (LERC Research Assistant)

Under the Patronage of the President of Beirut Municipality Mr. Abdel Meneam El Ariss, and with the presence of the Governor of Curacao H.E. Ms. Lisa Dindial, the Curaçao Square in Verdun, Beirut, was inaugurated on August 12, 2008.

The Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC) of Notre Dame University (NDU) was represented by Research Assistant Ms. Basma Abdul Khalek. The aim of this ceremony was to honor the relationship between Lebanon and Curaçao that has been mainly built up by the Lebanese community's efforts. Also present at the inauguration were Lebanese State representatives, Lebanese consuls in countries of destination, members of the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU) under the presidency of Mr. Ahmad Nasser, staff of the Ministry of Emigrants in Lebanon, winners of Miss Lebanon Emigrant and members of the Lebanese community in Curaçao.


From left to right: Miss Lebanon Curaçao, Mr. El Ariss, H.E. Ms. Dindial, and Mr. Hakim. (August 2008)

The President of the Arab-Latin American Chamber of Commerce Mr. Nasser Hakim welcomed the audience and considered this event a crucial step towards presenting other nations with a ‘civilized’ image of Lebanon.. The President of Beirut Municipality Mr. Abdel Meneam El Ariss, welcomed H.E. Ms. Dindial and the members of the Lebanese community in Curaçao. He said that the ceremony was part of the process of strengthening the relations between Beirut and other world capitals, where Lebanese were actively present. Mr. El Ariss also thanked the countries that dedicated squares and streets under the name of Beirut and prominent Lebanese personalities.

A statement issued by H.E Governor of Curaçao described the Lebanese migrants' most relevant achievements in Curaçao, such as their activism in politics and their eagerness to participate in the process of building up the economy of Curaçao. She also mentioned that the Curaçao Prime Minister is of Lebanese descent, which demonstrates that Lebanese migrants have fully contributed to the cultural and social life of their new home country. Finally, she thanked Lebanon for the warm welcome she received at her arrival and expressed her intention to revisit Lebanon. Besides, she invited Lebanese officials to visit Curaçao to discuss possibilities of future cooperation between both countries.