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LERC’s Liaison Officer for Latin America, Mr. Roberto Khatlab, presented his books on Lebanese migration to Lebanese President Michel Suleiman

Monday 6th October 2008
Reported by Basma Abdul Khalek (LERC Research Assistant)

Mr. Roberto Khatlab met with the President of the Republic of Lebanon, General Michel Suleiman, in Baabda and presented him with copies of his books, including the Lebanese Migrants in Brazil: An Annotated Bibliography, which was published by LERC and the NDU Press. Mr. Khatlab is a Research Affiliate with LERC and LERC Liaison Officer for Latin America.


Mr. R. Khatlab (left) and President Suleiman (Oct 2008).

Mr. Khatlab is the author of several books on Lebanese migration as well as on the history of Brazil.

Mr. Khatlab informed the President about LERC’s projects and activities and explained that a nucleus museum on Lebanese migration had started at NDU and that the efforts of LERC were now concentrated on extending the collections exhibited in this museum.

In turn, President Suleiman thanked Mr. Khatlab for his visit, saying that he recognized the efforts undertaken by LERC which intend to boost the relationship between Brazil, as receiving country for migrants, and Lebanon, as country of origin.