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Reporter to Ahlelfann magazine visits LERC keen on discovering more

Tuesday 23rd June 2009, LERC, NDU
Reported by Elie Nabhan

Reporter and teacher Mrs. Jeanette Bedran Semaan and her husband Mr. Chawki Semaan visited the Lebanese Emigration Research Center to interview LERC’s Director Ms. Guita Hourani about the mission and activities of the Center.

Following the interview with Ms. Hourani, the Bedrans were shown around the LERC premises and given a thorough overview of LERC’s electronic archives and database. Mrs. Liliane Haddad, LERC Indexer, showed the couple LERC’s collected material of valuable texts, photos and films pertaining to Lebanese migration through the ages.

The couple was then taken on a guided tour of the Lebanon and Migration Museum at NDU by Mrs. Haddad and Mr. Elie Nabhan. The Bedrans were fascinated to see first hand the collections on offer and thought NDU’s effort to create a space for the collective memory of the Lebanese people in regard to emigration to be commendable.

Both commented on the interaction between LERC’s Archives and Database and the Museum. This combination they believed offered another view of witnessing history and appreciating culture.  

LERC’s efforts to preserve and display items on Lebanese migration, materials in danger of being lost or discarded forever, clearly impressed the visitors. 

While complimenting LERC on its endeavors, the Bedrans, with regards to their background in teaching, recommended that students be invited to visit the Museum in groups and experience the collections each in their own way.

The Badran’s at LERC (from left to right) Ms. B. Abdel Khalek, Mrs. L. Haddad, Mr. E. Nabhan, Ms. Guita Hourani, Mr. C. Semaan and Mrs. Jeanette Bedran (June 2009).