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Previous Festivals

  • 2018

    12th NDU International Film Festival

    The 12th NDU International Film Festival (NDUIFF) opening ceremony was held on November 25, 2018, in Bechara el-Rai Theater, at the University main campus. The NDUIFF had the privilege to welcome the inspiring actress Julia Kassar who was honored in recognition of her outstanding cinematic and theatrical journey. Actors, directors, producers, students, and famous faces from the footlights attended the opening ceremony. For its 12th...
  • 2017

    11th NDU International Film Festival

    The 11th edition of NDU International Film Festival was exceptional preserving the legacy of youth empowerment with a breathtaking opening show adapted from the Play “Chicago”, and an amazing performance by Bruno Tabbal. NDUIFF in its 11th edition honored the Lebanese Choreographer and Pioneering Dancer Georgette Gebera , a role model for many generations , with her passion for performing arts  and her perseverance ....
  • 2016

    10th NDU International Film Festival

    The 10th edition of NDU International Film Festival was a very special one; celebrating our first Jubilee and marking a decade of growth and excellence. “The Power of Youth” is not only a simple slogan, it became our trademark. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the NDUIFF now adopts this symbol as its main award — the ‘Golden Olive Award’— for everything it holds within its silent, glorious presence....
  • 2015

    9th NDU International Film Festival

    The 9th edition marked the spread of the NDUIFF on the national and international level; the festival is present at the Arab Cinema Market at Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden, and at the Dubai Film Market at DIFF 2015; NDUIFF signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, to become a part of the Lebanese Pavilion at Cannes Film Festival; subsequently, “Of Land, People and Culture” a new award by...
  • 2014

    8th NDU International Film Festival

    “Power of Youth” became, again, NDUIFF’s motto. The festival is dedicated to young talents and their power to create and compete. Twelve participating universities in the Lebanese competition, a new section for the independent shorts, and films from more than sixteen countries for the international competition. Syrian actor, writer and director Duraid Lahham was honored this year. The show was a reflection of h...
  • 2013

    7th NDU International Film Festival

    To dream big is the prerogative of youth and to believe that dreams come true is their privilege. The 7th NDU Film Festival turned International; participating films were gathered from around the world. The program was, for the first time, global. The 7th International Film Festival under the theme: “The Power of youth” was dedicated to all those who still have the power and the will to create. “Waynon” the movie,...
  • 2012

    6th NDU Student Film Festival

    “From scene to screen” was the theme chosen for this year. The festival honored Antoine and Latifeh Moultaka, artists who established the outstanding performing arts tradition in Lebanon. That made a craft and marked the history of the Lebanese theater with their signature. For the occasion, “Waynon” the movie was launched; a collective work of a writer, seven NDU film graduates as directors, and the best cast in...
  • 2011

    5th NDU Student Film Festival

    The 5th Student Film Festival cheered young filmmakers who are making the future of the Lebanese cinema. The festival honored Lebanese Film Critic Emile Chahine for his continuous contribution to the Lebanese film industry and his constant support for young filmmakers on the academic and cultural scale. In the 5th NDUSFF, the Emile Chahine Foundation (ECF) for cinema culture saw the light and Emile Chahine award for cinematic excellence...
  • 2010

    4th NDU Student Film Festival

    The theme chosen for this year was “The Lebanese Cinema Pays Tribute to the Lebanese Theater”, honoring Lebanese theater icon, Director Raymond Gebara. The program aimed to encourage students to investigate their talents in filmmaking, scriptwriting, acting and improvisation, through themed organized workshops: The art of the interview in everyday documentation with director and cinematographer Alex Rotaru, Independent film...
  • 2009

    3rd NDU Student Film Festival

    What may have started as an adventure three years earlier, has become an NDU valued tradition that brings creativity, art and emotions together in one spectacle. The third NDU Student Film Festival honored women in the Lebanese Cinema; the festival paid tribute to Lebanese director Randa Chahal and cheered Lebanese female artists Nadine Labaki, Liliane Nemri, Carmen Lebbos, Julia Kassar, Renee El-Deek, Jocelyne Saab and Joelle Touma....
  • 2008

    2nd NDU Student Film Festival

    The second Student Film Festival was, again, a wonderful opportunity for young filmmakers to share their vision of the world. This year’s festival honored Lebanese Egyptian director Youssef Chahine for his contribution to the Arab cinema. Workshops on film production and post production took place during that week besides the films screenings.
  • 2007

    1st NDU Student Film Festival

    First year and first of its kind at Notre Dame University-Louaize; NDUSFF celebrated students’ talents in the presence of Lebanon’s veteran filmmakers, movie critics and supportive audience. It is a celebration of film art. The first version honored Lebanese director Georges Nasr, one of the Lebanese film pioneers. The aspirations were high; the event was certainly the first of many more to come.