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2013 - 7th NDU International Film Festival

  • To dream big is the prerogative of youth and to believe that dreams come true is their privilege. The 7th NDU Film Festival turned International; participating films were gathered from around the world. The program was, for the first time, global. The 7th International Film Festival under the theme: “The Power of youth” was dedicated to all those who still have the power and the will to create. “Waynon” the movie, launched a year earlier, saw the light thanks to the hard work of a team of Audio Visual and Film students, the supervision of film professionals and the belief of NDU and the producer in their talents.. The film team and cast were honored for their performance: writer Georges Khabbaz, actors and actresses Carol Abboud, Rodrigue Sleiman, Latifeh Moultaka, Antoine Moultaka, Takla Chamoun, Liliane Nemri, Diamand Bou Abboud, Elie Mitri, Carmen Lebbos, Julien Farhat, Nada Bou Farhat, Talal Al-Jurdi, Laura Khabbaz, Ziad Seaiby, and directors Naji Bechara, Jad Beiruty, Zeina Makki, Tarek Korkomaz, Christelle Ighniades, Maria Abdel Karim and Salim Haber. Workshops were organized on Feature Film Directing with Director Martin Dolenski, Kurdish Cinema with Director Clarisse Hahn and Iranian Cinema with Director Anne-Demie Geroe.