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2016 - 10th NDU International Film Festival

  • The 10th edition of NDU International Film Festival was a very special one; celebrating our first Jubilee and marking a decade of growth and excellence. “The Power of Youth” is not only a simple slogan, it became our trademark. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the NDUIFF now adopts this symbol as its main award — the ‘Golden Olive Award’— for everything it holds within its silent, glorious presence.

    From the Phoenicians, the first society to build this civilization based on intercultural communication, to the Greeks, who created the most beautiful mythological stories; in the background there is always the olive tree.

    A symbol of peace, victory, solidarity and wisdom; evergreen, fire resistant, feeding and healing; from mythology and the Bible to every religious scripture… the olive tree is ever-present, ever-giving, ever-generous, and ever-divine.

    NDUIFF in its 10th edition honored the Lebanese female film director Nadine Labaki, a role model for all the young filmmakers, with her success and perseverance; Nadine Labaki draw a path that will guide all future generation filmmakers toward excellence.