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2011 - 5th NDU Student Film Festival

  • The 5th Student Film Festival cheered young filmmakers who are making the future of the Lebanese cinema. The festival honored Lebanese Film Critic Emile Chahine for his continuous contribution to the Lebanese film industry and his constant support for young filmmakers on the academic and cultural scale. In the 5th NDUSFF, the Emile Chahine Foundation (ECF) for cinema culture saw the light and Emile Chahine award for cinematic excellence was launched. Young filmmakers who are making a difference on the Lebanese, Middle Eastern and international film scene, receiving applause around the world for their ability to portray their views in a unique way; Hadi Zaccak, Khalil Zaarour, Roy Badran, Salim El-Turk and Sami Koujan were awarded for the occasion. Workshop on acting and directing actors with writer, director, producer and professor at University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts Jeremy Kagan took place as well as seminars on Modern Cinematography and new technology available in the film industry with cinematographer James Costello. 4 minutes 4 days competition was organized to encourage film students produce their first 4 minutes short movie in 4 days only.