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Science Laboratories

Biology Lab

The Biology Laboratory is equipped with many facilities, which support teaching and research across the biology curriculum. Disciplines supported include:
  • Microbiology: Culture and analysis of viral, bacterial and parasitic species;
  • Molecular biology: DNA purification, analysis, and manipulation, with preliminary PCR facilities for DNA amplification. Other available equipment such as an electroporator, promote research studies that require electrotransformation or transfection of cells;
  • Cell culture : Preparation, culture and cryopreservation of animal cells;
  • Plant biology : Plant cell culture and analysis;
  • Histology : Histological assessment and histopathological examination of tissue samples.
Available equipment include microscopes (including a laser scanning microscope) and photomicrographic systems, biological safety cabinets, incubators, liquid nitrogen containers, diurnal growth chamber, autoclave, centrifuges, ovens, microtome, paraffin histoembedder, electrophoresis and blotting apparatus, thermal cycler (RT-PCR), flowcytometer, Rodent tail cuff blood pressure system, chromatography systems, in addition to an animal house, green house, and herbarium facilities.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Laboratory provides a wide variety of facilities to support chemistry students and faculty members' research and teaching. Students are introduced to the fundamental quantitative, organic, and food analysis experimental methods through experiments in:
  • Chromatographic analysis of alcohol content in beverages;
  • Determination of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in foods;
  • Properties of enzymes;
  • Browning reactions in foods;
  • Spectrophotometric determination of analytes in different sample types;
  • Water analysis;
  • Precipitation and complexation titrations.
In addition, an analytical unit houses a number of modern equipment such as UHPLC, GC/GCMS, FTIR, AA, etc., gas chromatograph, UV-visible spectrophotometers, digestion-distillation unit for nitrogen determination, solvent extraction apparatus, digital densimeter, electronic refractometer, pH meters, ion-selective electrodes, etc.

Geology Lab

Geology Laboratory courses are held in the Sciences Lab building and are supported by a varied collection of rock-forming minerals, including silicates, carbonates, sulfates, fluorides, and oxides, as well as a core collection of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Additional teaching support of sample specimens is provided by the Stone Wing Museum, which houses a rich collection of minerals and archaeological items from Lebanon.

Physics Lab

The Physics Laboratory at NDU is a state-of-the-art teaching laboratory, offering computer controlled data acquisition and analysis as well as interesting experiments covering a wide range of topics in physics. Experimental work goes hand in hand with the theoretical physics courses at NDU. The physics lab is well equipped to allow students perform experiments that will help them understand the physical phenomena covered in the classroom. In many cases, the experiments follow closely the lecture courses leading to a better understanding of the physics.

Moussa and Farid Raphael Observatory

NDU has an on-campus observatory that contains a 60cm telescope equipped with a set of research-grade equipment consisting of CCD cameras, filters, and spectrograph. It is the most well-equipped observatory in the Arab countries and its telescope is the largest in the Arab Middle East. The observatory is made possible by a generous donation from His Excellency Ambassador Gilbert Chaghoury.

Meteorological Station

The Department of Sciences houses a meteorological station that provides climatic data for the Keserwan area. This station is supported by the L.A.R.I. society.

Tutoring Center

The tutoring center helps the students in remedial, freshman, and sophomore in math, biology, physics and computer science.

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