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Division of Audio Visual Arts

The facilities include:
  • Antoine Choueiry Radio/TV Studio
  • Acting Studio
  • Computer/Music Lab
  • Theater
  • Issam Fares Conference Hall
  • Pierre Abou Khater Auditorium
  • Friends Hall
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Exam Halls
  • NDU Choir Recording Unit.
All facilities are “high-tech” and fully equipped, and are at the service of students, staff, and faculty members.

Besides handling all student-related matters, this department is responsible for all the activities that take place at NDU: conferences, lectures, exhibitions, and public and special events. All activities are taped and archived.

Smart Rooms

The DAVA has four Smart Rooms that are fully equipped with computer hardware and software, LCD projector, DVD and VHS players, and surround sound systems for film screenings.

DVD Library

The DVD Library includes more than 1,500 DVDs (films, documentaries, series, and others). All members of the NDU community may check out these films.
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