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Undergraduate Tuition Fees (FA18)


Fall 2018
Tuition/Credit Hour
L.L. 545,000
Tuition/Credit Hour (Business)
Tuition/Credit Hour (Architecture)
L.L. 630,000
Tuition/Credit Hour (Engineering)
L.L. 675,000
Tuition/Intensive English Course L.L. 4,100,000
Tuition/Credit Hour (Auditing) L.L. 75% of credit tuition

Academic Fees

Students must pay the following fees with the first payment of tuition once each academic year.

Medical Insurance L.L. 60,000
Academic Fees L.L. 120,000
NSSF Fees (when applicable) L.L. 202,500
Smart ID Card L.L. 30,000
Technology Fees L.L. 90,000


Admission Application L.L. 100,000
Entrance Examination L.L. 75,000 per exam
Late Registration L.L. 100,000
Petition L.L. 5,000
Change of Major L.L. 100,000
Make-up final examination fee/course L.L. 200,000
Transcript (Official Copy) L.L. 15,000
Transcript (Student Copy) L.L. 5,000
Library Fee/Book/Day (Late returns) L.L. 5,000
Graduation L.L. 75,000

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