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NDU Alumni Talks

“Our office is happy to announce this new "Alumni Talks" initiative that we hope will support all NDUers to adapt and remain at the forefront of the new industrial revolution: Industry 4.0

In an interconnected era, singular with its transformative innovations and advancements, we are all required to be agile and adaptive to overcome any growing skills gap.


Despite pandemics, crises, unrests and many other challenges, NDU remain a strong believer in the importance of education and continues to support students and alumni in remaining competitive to the changing job market and all its transformational technologies.


Through Alumni Talks, we answer the suggestions of many alumni who were contacted in the last two years to update their information in our alumni database. Today we are happy to bring back home NDUers who have spread their wings across 5 continents and count more than 21,000 alumnus and alumna.

To all those who carry the blue mark from the first day they set foot at NDU, to our alumni and all students, we present "Alumni Talks" that are series of soft and hard skills informative sessions presented by field expert alumni to fellow alumni, senior students and the public at large.


Please reach out, let us know what you think and do feel free to share any idea.


We welcome your suggestions for new Alumni Talks topics on this link and would love to know that many more alumni would be happy to give back to fellow NDUers and give a talk.


Enjoy our first curated collection of talks and stay in touch!”




Nesrine S. Sfeir

Director, Office of Development & Alumni Affairs

Alumni Talks Experts