Conference Theme

This year's conference runs under the theme “Maintaining International Peace and Stability”. The purpose of the theme is to engage students in the current global political climate as much as possible. This is especially important now, when so many nations around the world, including our beloved home country Lebanon, are going through trying times and challenging situations in search for political reform and social well-being. Be it whether the people are in search of economic reform, social welfare, or even basic rights, one cannot deny the significance of the current global movement, hence why we chose it as our theme.

This theme is guaranteed to engage participating students in an environment they may have not seen in their school books or been exposed to before. From the Cold War to the Arab Spring, the modern world has seen many changes in its political environment, and we cannot deny that such events have helped boost global understanding and civic engagement in a manner unprecedented. As such, we hope that the topics presented will help students become part of this global change.