• Said Akl
    The Center for Digitization & Preservation

    is curretnly digitizing

    the Said Akl collection.

  • Secure Archiving
    In an effort to reach secured and long time archiving, the CDP deposits its digital collection at the Granite Mountain Records Vault in Utah, USA.
  • Hill Museum agreement
    The CDP signs an agreement with the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library of Saint John University, USA, to digitize the Maronite Mariamite Order manuscripts.
  • Online!
    An index of existing digitized material is now available Online!
  • Al-Sim'ani Manuscript
    In celebration of NDU's 25th anniversary,

    and of the 325th anniversary of the birth of:

    Mgr. Yusif Al-Sim'ani,

    CDP will publish one of his famous manuscripts.