Notre Dame of Louaize Monastery

This collection is at Notre Dame of Louaize Monastery library since 1993. It contains also “Mar Doumit – Feytroun Monastery manuscripts” and some other manuscripts from “Mar Elias – Shwayya Monastery”. It includes 414 manuscripts in Bible, dogmatic, moral and apologetical theology, spiritual writings, maronite liturgy, orders rules and church history, philosophy, language and poetry. The oldest manuscript of this collection goes back to 1561 / Alexandria (1250 C.)

Maronite Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary (known as Maronite Mariamite Order)

Contains 109 manuscripts collected from St. Elichaa Monastery – Bcharre, SS. Peter and Paul – Kreim al Tin, SS. Serge and Bacchus – Achkout, St. Abda – Deir al Qamar and Monasteries of Egypt.
The oldest manuscript goes back to 1835 / Alexandria (1524 C)

Saint Anthony Abbot Monastery - Rome

The manuscript collection of the Monastery of St. Anthony Abbot Monastery in Rome, Italy, consists of 687 manuscripts in Syriac, Arabic, Garshuni, Coptic, Italian & Latin... Several genres are represented: Bible, Commentary, Liturgy, Theology, Sermons, Live of Saints, Philosophy, Grammar, Lexicography, Sciences, Poetry & General History.
It holds the collection of the Coptic bishop Raphael Toukhi, the collection of the Italian consular in Aleppo, the orientalist Enrico Vitto, some writings of Mgr. Joseph Assemani who donated them to the Order, and part of the Pontifical Maronite College’s manuscripts, as well as others.
The oldest manuscript of this collection is dated 623 H. (1226 C.).

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