BKERKE: The Maronite Patriarchate

The Syriac Antiochene Maronite Patriarchate came into existence in the bosom of Saint Maron's Monastery, at an unspecified date, between the close of the 7th century and the forst half of the 8th century.

OMM: Maronite Order of the Blessed Virgin (Order Maronite Mariamite)

Came into existence in 1695 under the name of "Aleppine  Order". In 1706 became "Lebanese Order" and later on to it's current name. It's Motherhouse  is located in the "Lady of Louaize Monastry" in Zouk Mosbeh.

The Maronite Diocese of Sarba

Our diocese, wasn't known by it's current name "Sarba" until the year 1990, during a Patriarchal Synod in Bkerke between 4th & 9th June 1990 after the agreement of the Apostolic Chair.

The Maronite Diocese of Antelias

It was known at first by "The Maronite Diocese of Cyprus" till the 8th of August 2012 when it was divided into two: "The Diocese of Cyprus" for the Island of Cyprus, and "Diocese of Antelias" for Maten area.

The Hill Museum & Manuscript Library

In 1965, St John's University took a bold and visionary step with the creation of a new library dedicated to the preservation of priceless manuscripts held in European monasteries & libraries.