Message from the Dean

The Office of Student Affairs is a service oriented unit dedicated to support and guide all NDU students. The SAO strives to reflect NDU’s mission and vision in the students’ life and activities. Inspired by NDU mission, we seek to promote “lifelong learning, enlightened citizenship, human solidarity, moral integrity, and belief in God…. And contribute in promoting diversity, respect for human dignity and rights, and concern for the common good.”The SAO aims at preparing students to “be future leaders who can exercise reason upon knowledge and do shape a world of truth, justice, love and freedom.”

The Office of Student Affairs provides support in the different aspects of students’ life through its different offices:
  • The Activities Office endeavors to offer solid support and rich co-curricular educational activities and is always available to facilitate and assist all students, clubs, and societies in their activities.
  • The Athletic Office offers multiple indoor sport activities as well as a gym, aiming to promote a healthy active lifestyle to all students.
  • The Office of Financial Aid, provides assistance and support to students facing financial challenges through a wide range of Financial Aid programs (Work Study Grant; Sibling and Scholarship etc.).
  • The Medical House contributes to the physical and psychological well-being of all students on campus, whereas the Social Security Office facilitates NDU students’ registration to the National Social Security Program.
  • Other units like the International Students Office, and the Student Housing aspire to improve the students’ life quality on campus.

The office of the Dean adopts an open door policy and encourages all students to discuss issues pertaining to their students’ life. The office of the dean welcomes as well all students’ suggestions aiming at improving its support and care policy.

The Office of Student Affairs aims at:
  • Providing all NDU students with constructive support while treating each one as a unique entity.
  • Orienting and assisting students in their inquiries, facilitating their integration in NDU, and supporting their co-curricular academic life.
  • Empowering students and encouraging civic engagement in communities and societies.

Mrs. Joyce Menassa

Dean, Office of Student Affairs 

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