Published in the academic journal 'Siyasat Arabia' in a paper entitled "Nassif, N. (2022). The World Sport Power Index: Measuring States' Capacities to Use Sport as an Instrument of Soft Power. Siyasat Arabiya, 10(57), 46-57," the World Sport Power Index (WSPI) has a primary objective: to measure countries' capacities to leverage sport as a tool to enhance their soft power. In today's world, nations are increasingly harnessing the power of sports as a strategic tool to bolster their international prestige. However, existing soft power indexes have struggled to accurately capture the profound impact that sports can have on a nation's soft power.

The WSPI takes into consideration three vital variables: the performance of national teams (measured by the WRCES), the global media popularity of a country's professional sports leagues, and the hosting of major sports events. By providing a precise and comprehensive measurement of a nation's sporting power, the WSPI aims to contribute to more accurate and holistic soft power rankings. These enhanced rankings, in turn, will advocate for a more significant role for sports in governmental policies focused on international diplomacy.

In summary, the WSPI seeks to fill a critical gap in understanding the intersection of sports and soft power, ultimately promoting its recognition and integration into international diplomatic strategies.


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