25 October 2017


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The Department of Media Studies at the Faculty of Humanities (FH), Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU), in the framework of the COA 680 Seminar in Mass Communication Law & Ethics Class taught by Mr. Sam Lahoud, organized on Wednesday October 25, 2017, a lecture titled, "Intellectual Property Rights." The lecture was given by Co-founder and Managing Partner of SADER & Associates Law Firm Attorney Rany Sad.

Sader explained the different types of Intellectual Property (IP), which include copyright, trademarks, patents, and soft IP.
He added that the legal perspective for protection is grounded in Fraudulent Competition (Penal Code), Unfair Competition (IP Law), Contractual Responsibility (COC), Patent Law (Article 47), Law on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Property (Law no.75/99). Sader insisted on the importance of building rights on right grounds “Don’t underestimate the power of an idea, prove your creativity, seek originality, and create an identity for your creations.”

He also differentiated between copying and stealing through concrete examples from encountered cases. He shared useful tips to ensure the protection of Intellectual Property Rights, quoting Charles Bistany (1965): “Equip yourselves with knowledge so you may be leaders of thought in your times not copies of thought of your times.”

This informative and fruitful lecture helped the audience better understand that Intellectual Property Rights are gems that should be handled with extreme care.
Above all, to strive for excellence and to dare to be different.


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